20 Things that I Just Do NOT Get!

by Carley Cooper

Confused Smiley - Please 'splain Mommy!
Please 'splain Mommy!
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OK... last time I talked about "20 Things that Make Me Happy"... which really wasn't a concept that I came up with myself. I saw it somewhere. However, it did trigger this new topic.... "20 Things that I Just Do NOT Get!". It's sorta like the flip side. Except, to me, the flip side, really, would be things that make me angry, or things that make me cry. Though that could be a couple blogs on their own, I really don't want to write about them. My best writing comes when I'm 'in the moment'... and I just don't want to get myself that upset. So here's the next best thing. There are some things in this world that I don't understand. For the life of me I just simply cannot wrap my brain around them. Things that make you go "hmmmmmm?!"

I''m going to start from the last one, first, and work my way up to the number one thing that I just do not get!

20. How to cook bacon without having the house full of smoke and the smoke detector going off saying “Fire. Food. Fire. Food” in that annoying voice!
19. Rap or Punk Music. It’s just noise. Isn’t the part about ‘music’ supposed to have some? This doesn’t.
18. Pointy toe shoes.... ewwwww! Ugly. Points are for weapons, not wardrobe!
17. Why anyone would want to wear wool! As much as I really hate ‘cold’, no amount of warm is worth that much itching!
16. Older... OK, maybe that one is wishful thinking! I am a dreamer, after all! LOL
15. The fascination with Hummers... let’s face it, they’re ugly!
14. Clock faces without numbers. I mean... really... isn’t the numbers kind of the point of the thing?!
13. Why God made coffee. The stuff stinks!!!!!!!! How can people drink that stuff?!
12. Why 'what's his name' doesn’t like me. So... I nearly made him as crazy as he made me... is that a good reason to be so pissed?! LOL
11. Atheism. It takes wayyyy too much faith to believe that all the world... it’s perfect order, the incredible detail right down to the atom, how it all works together; right down to all creatures recognizing their own kind... was all created out of nothing. To believe that some huge cosmic burp suddenly happened, out of nothing, and created all that there is in amazingly perfect detail is just not logical to me. My thinking is that Someone had to have made it, or at least started the ball rolling. Besides... I’ve seen presentations that show that science backs up the bible. I can send you some links to do some reading on it if you’re interested.
10. Star Trek.
9. Laid... I know TMI. I need a husband. Anyone have any spare single male friends? I’ll pay for shipping. Even a hubby you’re about to kick to the curb would do right now! LOL
8. Men. Nuff said! Hmmmm? I wonder if this is related to #9?
7. Why God made winter. It’s cold! Cold = Very uncomfortable = Not good!
6. Slapstick Humour or Bathroom Humour. I don’t see where the funny part is in that.
5. Tapioca. It’s gross. My Grandfather said it best “whoever ate that the first time can have it back”. Again, Nuff said!
4. Why God made cats... or Mosquitoes. Some things just don’t seem to have a purpose... outside of annoyance.
3. Golf. It’s just weird.
2. Twitter. Why do I care what someone else is doing? Why do they care what I’m doing?

...aaaaaaand, drum roll please, the number one thing that I just do NOT get...

1. The Facebook 'Poke'. Seems to me it’s as annoying as someone being next to you poking you with their finger. I mean, seriously... doesn’t that make you wanna just smack someone?!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my list. Or maybe, I've caused you to start wondering! Either way... see if you can come up with 20 of your own! Even this topic, was kinda fun putting it together.

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