20 Things that Make Me Happy!

by Carley Cooper

Happy Smiley - Hahahahahahahahaha That's just sooo funny!
That's just sooo funny!

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20 Things that Make Me Happy...
  1. My church
  2. My new apartment
  3. Cheesecake... sorry, but there has to be at least one sinful food in that list! :-D
  4. SparkPeople Team “The Red Bra Philosophy - for tough life issues”
  5. Pansies
  6. Sunny days of summer
  7. Puppy kisses
  8. A bottle of vodka! Oh, wait, maybe that’s a different kind of ‘happy’ LOL
  9. Pics of Vince Neil or Tom Cruise. Oh, or Axel Rose in the 'Sweet Child of Mine' video!
  10. Good hair days
  11. Tigger
  12. Dance music... the good stuff... not the stuff they call dance music now-a-days
  13. A good, comfy support bra... and yes, I love the under-wires... and a smooth seamless cup
  14. Remembering my Grandma... especially when she started to giggle!
  15. Hearing “I love you”
  16. Hot dates at the drive in... oh wait, scratch that one. Make that, watching great movies with a good friend. :-D
  17. Listening to Gary Allan music..... AWWWWW Oh My GOSH... He is sooooo hot it just makes me crazy!
  18. The little plastic pick thingy they make for flossing teeth! They’re soooo much better than regular dental floss!
  19. Exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!
  20. How much Jesus loves me. 

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