Angels From Heaven

by Carley Cooper
It's almost Christmas.  Is it just me or did this year whiz by when I wasn't looking?!  Wow, it feels like last Christmas was just over.  It's nuts.  December is always a super busy month.  Christmas is a very emotional time of year for me.  Being so busy helps and other times it adds to the overwhelmed feeling. 

Today, though I'm feeling wonderful.  I think I'm about to hit a mania period.  I love those, except for when they have to end.  The higher I've been the harder the crash it seems.  I always  bounce back though; and in the last couple years I bounce back much faster and better than I ever have in my life.  I credit this to many factors; but, really, the credit goes to Jesus.  The freedom I have found in the last couple years since I became a Christian is overwhelming.  But, that's a story for another day.  Today, I want to share with you something I wrote for someone super special to me. 

A couple weeks ago, I decided on a Christmas gift for the lead pastor at my church.  It was a collection of 4 small glass angel ornaments with touches of gold trim.  Beautiful set, but I wanted to make it more personal.  I decided that I would write a poem for him to tell him how much he helps me and how much I appreciate it. 

I've written a lot since I discovered my talent and love of the craft.  However, I have never in my life attempted poetry.  I had no idea if I could do it at all.  I sat down one evening after dinner to write a poem for Pastor Henry.  I dribbled many words and phrases onto my keyboard; but nothing that made sense.  After a couple hours, a lot of frustration; and even more laughter at what I was writing; I decided that poetry wasn't my gift.  But it was still bothering me.  I needed to see this through to the end.  I prayed about it as always, and suddenly the words started to come together and they made sense. 

At about midnight I finished this poem.  Let me know what you think.  

Angels from Heaven
by Carley Cooper

A stranger willing to say a prayer,
or a puppy with lots of kisses to share.
A friend who loves enough to sit in silence,
and a pastor with an endless patience.
All are angels sent from Heaven,
to help those like me that’s for certain.

This fancy package that comes from my heart,
is especially for you with my thanks to impart.
Four little angels are contained within,
each a characteristic of our friendship akin.
Lectures, advice, and guidance you extend;
my angel, my pastor, my counsellor, my friend.

I delivered it this morning with the gift to Pastor Henry at the church office; when I took in the huge gift basket filled with lots of home made Christmas treats (which is my own little tradition; because I love all those in the church office so much for all the work that they do for the church, for Jesus and for me).  He read it, and said something like "Wow, that's nice.  Thanks".  It wasn't the response that I had hoped for.  I was waiting for him to look at me and he said "I'm not going to look at you because if I do, I'll cry".  HA!!!  That's the response I expected from him.  He was very touched by it; which makes me very happy.

I also gave him a batch of deviled eggs... one of his favorite treats!  lol  

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