20 More Things that Make Me Happy

by Carley Cooper

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Check out my first list of 20Things that Make Me Happy

Here are more things that make me happy.
  1. Memories of our tree house.
  2. My snow globe collection.
  3. Being forgiven.
  4. Jokes in my email from Ruthie.
  5. The feeling of sand and water between my toes when I’m walking on the beach.
  6. Bunny rabbits.
  7. Chicklet (my lovebird).
  8. Having a friend love you enough to drop everything when you need them, just to come over to sit and watch a movie and not talk about anything.
  9. The color Red.
  10. Finding money in my pocket that I didn’t know I had.
  11. Lots of comments on my blog posts (hint, hint peeps!)
  12. Chocolate éclairs.
  13. My weigh scale when it shows me the number I want to see.
  14. Memories of Brandy (the dog, not the bottle!).
  15. Non-bloated-belly days!
  16. A good comfy support bra.  OK, I know that was on list one but it deserves repeating!
  17. Hugs and kisses (I know that’s two in one, but they kinda go together).
  18. Inspiration for great blog post ideas!
  19. Strawberries.
  20. When God reminds me how much He loves me.

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