Because of You

by Carley Cooper

Dear Jesus:

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I just wanted to say Thank You.  Because of You:
  1. I am saved!  I will spend eternity in Heaven with You.
  2. I survived abuse. (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Sexual, and Financial)
  3. I have a safe place to live.  (It's a really awesome apartment, in a fantastic location close to downtown!  Yippee!)
  4. I have hope for a good future. (There is a new career on the horizon as a writer and, possibly, a speaker.)
  5. my health has improved so much that I can have an independent life.  (Yay!  Go me!)
  6. I am able to help, encourage and inspire people through my blogs. (Worship Melodies and Tin Roof Sundae)
  7. I was lead to a healthy lifestyle, not a dieting program in order to lose weight and improve my mental health.  (Spark People – they’re FREE too!)
  8. I had found strength, determination, and courage that I needed to pursue it and not quit.  (Who would’ve guessed that I’d learn to love a challenge!)
  9. I have friends.  (Suzanne, Carol, Paul, Paul, Sue, Garry, Gina, Francine,Bill,... and a bunch of others.  OK, OK... if I must... Henry too.)
  10. I have a great family.  (Even when they’re making me nuts!)
  11. I have a great medical support.  (CMHA, Dr. P., and Dr. K., and the RVH mental health team)
  12. I have a great home church and a great church family.  (Even when they’re making me nuts!  Even the cranky, insensitive, old guy who don’t see things clearly (see #9)!)
  13. I’ve learned to love some physical activities!  (Who would have ever guessed?  Certainly not me!  Ha... Power Walking is AWESOME!)
  14. I have an awesome pet in Chicklet.  (Little lovebird.  BIG attitude!)
  15. both my babies found AWESOME homes when I couldn’t keep them anymore.  (That’s doggies, peeps!  Casey at Charlotte’s; Taco at Bill & Francine’s)
  16. I discovered foods that were causing some of my mental health issues.  (Artificial Sweeteners, Processed ‘Cheese’ slices, Fat-free yogurt, Pop, Processed Foods....... all BAD!!!!!!!!)  Not only that but I discovered foods that help improve my mental health (Raspberries, Green Tea, Apple Cider Vinegar, Spinach, Blueberries, Salmon....... all GOOD!!!!!!!!)
  17. I live in a free country with many social benefits, and the freedom to be Christian.  (Woo Hoo!  Go Canada!)
  18. the veil is being lifted around me.  (The Word is slowly becoming clearer;  and I am slowly becoming the person You want me to be.)
  19. one day SOON I will no longer be Bipolar and I will no longer be on medication.  (Adios drugs!)
  20. I can turn off Facebook when it’s making me crazy.  (Some things should be rationed on an ongoing basis.  This would be one of those things.  ‘Nuff said!)
Thank You, AMEN! 

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