What If...

by Carley Cooper

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Things that make you go Hmmmm?!
  1. ...we could drive at the speed of light, would the headlights work?
  2. ...people were always honest about everything?
  3. ...men could understand women?
  4. ...we could go back in time to meet just one person?  Who would you want to meet?
  5. ...big business and governments truly operated according to what’s best for the people before profit?
  6. ...marbles were never invented? 
  7. ...there was no color; just shades of black and white?
  8. ...no one was lonely?
  9. ...every person did at least one kind thing for another person every single day?
  10. ...we didn’t have chocolate?
  11. ...everyone could hear “I love you” at least once per day?  How often do you hear it? 
  12. ...we grew up without Saturday morning cartoons?
  13. ...the good ol’ days never ended?
  14. ...the line between right and wrong wasn’t fuzzy?
  15. ...people fell in love and stayed in love?
  16. ...every day was a good hair day?
  17. ...junk food was healthy?  Would it still be junk food?
  18. ...we lived like the Jetson's?
  19. ...we never had sad country music songs?
  20. ...everyone prayed every day?

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