10 Really Cool Things I Bought

1.  My Sony Walkman MP3 Player

2.  My HTC One X phone (and the cool case & cool beaded sticker on the back!  Yea.)

3.  My Lovebird - Chicklet (Little birdie.  Big attitude.  Who teaches them these things? LOL)

4.  OK.... I know this is kinda two in one.  LOL  This is Casey & Taco.  Taco was given to me by a friend.  I can't have dogs anymore, so they're both living with friends now, but I do get to see them now and then.)

5.  My laptop - Acer Aspire (I also have a Macbook that my brother gave me so I can learn how to use a Mac)

6.  My  Stereo.  It's old, but it still works beautifully, and I still love it.

7.  My Tractivity sensor for tracking my walking.  Click here to check out the deets or to purchase one.  It's got awesome features!

8.  My long-haired hamster - Oreo.  He's 10 weeks old.

9.  My tape dispenser - a ladies, red, high-heeled shoe!  Every woman deserves red high heels!

10.  My Bible.  God's Word - the coolest of them all!

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  1. All very COOL !

    I checked out the Tractivity.
    Looks GREAT. I have lost 2 pedometers, 2 cheapo ones didn't last long and another has not worked since I changed the battery.
    Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas!

    Have a Wonderful Week


    1. Tractivity is wonderful. I very much enjoy it, and it comes with other clips to attach it to other types of shoes, or to strap it onto your ankle. Blessings. Hugs.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Blessings.