The End of the World Project

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I wrote a blog post a few days ago on my Worship Melodies site called ‘The End of the World Project’, which is a documentary film in the midst of being made as we speak.  The trailer video I posted was an incomplete version of the trailer.  One of my followers made the comment "That is one of the most intriguing video projects I've ever heard of. I'll be looking out for it...".   Here is the complete version.  There will be another few cuts uploaded soon plus 15 minutes of film.  I’m in the trailer!  How cool is that?  I’m excited about this film as such, but more importantly is that we are to remember God is in charge.  We have nothing to fear as long as we stay focused on Jesus. 

Thoughts?  Questions?  Want to share your story?  Ask for prayer? Please share in the comments section.
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