20 Ways You Can Pass on Random Acts of Kindness

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  1. Help out a little old lady in the grocery store when she can’t reach something on a higher shelf
  2. Snow blow your neighbour's driveway
  3. Give someone a ride somewhere so they don’t have to take a bus or a taxi; even if it’s out of your way
  4. Besides leaving a good tip, tell a waiter / waitress how well they did their job
  5. When you are shopping in the grocery store, and have extra coupons you don’t need, give them to other people who you see picking up those products
  6. Make a homemade pot of soup and give someone at your church who you think needs it or would appreciate it right now
  7. Give a needy family some groceries / toys / money / gift cards; anonymously
  8. If you take the bus, pay for someone else’s bus fare
  9. Cut a neighbour's grass this week so they don’t have to do it
  10. Give someone a tank of gas (leave a gas gift card in their mail box)
  11. Pay for coffee for the person in line behind you in the drive through
  12. Pay for someone else’s purchases when you’re in the express line at the store
  13. When you’re in a restaurant pay for the meal of another couple at another table
  14. Walk your neighbour's dog
  15. Donate some money to a church or charity in someone else’s name, so they will get the tax receipt
  16. Babysit your friend’s kids, for free
  17. Pay for someone else’s hair do when you’re at the stylist
  18. Pay for someone’s over-due fees at the library
  19. Babysit a friend / family member’s dog for free while they’re on vacation
  20. Give a teenager an iTunes gift card when you’re at the music store

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